Automated edit proposal: Fix BC Transit network and operator tags

I am purposing an automated edit around thousands of mistagged bus stops throughout the entire BC Transit service areas displayed in BC Transit - Our BC Transit Systems Map

In my area’s case the network and/or operator are mistagged as Victoria Regional Transit Commision but they should be tagged as BC Transit instead. The wrong tags are so much for manual edits. Would the community please retag those bus networks? Thank you very much.

Hello! Can you link to a few OSM objects that have this issue?

Here’s an example Overpass query that shows all bus stops that have a network or operator tag that aren’t “BC Transit”. overpass turbo

Sure! Here is an example Relation: ‪31 Royal Oak Exchange via Glanford‬ (‪30828‬) | OpenStreetMap

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So something like this? overpass turbo

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Cool. Best to give it a few days for folks to find and comment. If no one has anything else to add this edit is quick and straightforward. It would modify 72 route relations. You may consider if there are other transit objects that need similar treatment/addition so we can get it all cleaned up in one swoop.

However this is only just Victoria the entire BC transit service area according to first post is HUGE

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If this ends up being the correct thing for the whole region. It’s super easy to get the parameters tweaked and the edit made. But with all big edits, it’s nice to get a few more folks to sign off/take a look so we don’t step on toes etc.

It looks like the bus stops (like Node: ‪Hastings at Delmar‬ (‪8567787821‬) | OpenStreetMap ) aren’t tagged with any network, and the relations (like the one you mentioned, Relation: ‪31 Royal Oak Exchange via Glanford‬ (‪30828‬) | OpenStreetMap ) are tagged with network=Victoria Regional Transit System. From the Wikipedia article, it looks like Victoria Regional Transit System is part of the larger entity “BC Transit” (and is directly run by it, unlike the other parts). So I’m not sure the network tagging is wrong. Could you say more about why you think it’s mistaken?

I am sorry then my edits for the networks were wrong then. I edited the networks to BC transit because iD suggested it.
I sincerely apologize. But for other areas like Cowichan Valley it is also run by BC Transit with different networks

Hmm, if iD has a preset for that, we might want to adjust it, if it doesn’t match the desired value. I’m not sure which way is correct, actually.

I think you need to hold your horses here, because there’s a misunderstanding of what exactly BC Transit is and what they do.

BC Transit is an overarching “crown corporation” owned, operated and governed by the provincial government through legislation (in this case, the British Columbia Transit Act). BC Transit helps to plan, build and fund a portion of municipal transit systems throughout British Columbia, except in the Greater Vancouver area.

BC Transit does not directly operate the transit systems across the province. Rather, each local or regional service area operates independently, under the governance of their own local/regional transit commission (essentially a board of governors), composed of municipal council or regional district board members (local members of government; the equivalent of what might be called councillors or alderman or something like that elsewhere). The municipal government in question usually funds at least half the capital expenditures of their transit system, and they run their systems on their own. The only thing that superficially links them all is that the bus liveries read “BC Transit”.

I would argue it is imperative that you DON’T change the network=Victoria Regional Transit System tags, or any other similar tagging, because 1) it’s factually true that the Victoria Regional Transit System actually operates the public transit network in Victoria, and 2) if you were to change every public transit route in BC to have network=BC Transit you would end up conflating all of the transit systems together. For example there is a bus route #1 (ref=1) in Victoria (Relation: ‪1 Downtown‬ (‪1877444‬) | OpenStreetMap), route #1 in Nanaimo (Relation: ‪1 Country Club‬ (‪10479167‬) | OpenStreetMap), route #1 in Port Alberni (Relation: ‪1 Southside‬ (‪12887424‬) | OpenStreetMap), route #1 in the Comox Valley (Relation: ‪Bus 1 Comox Mall / Anfield Centre‬ (‪12459966‬) | OpenStreetMap), etc., etc.


Then I am really sorry, then we can do an overpass query for each of the service area and change to the following:
Operator: XXXXXX Regional Transit System
Network: XXXXXX Regional Transit System

Presuming they line up with other boundaries (city etc) in OSM, it’s very easy to do. My guess is that it’s somewhat more complicated than that to get precisely correct.