Automated edit for Russian street names

With courtesy of @SwiftFast I prepare data for countrywide fix of Russian street names translated in bulk edit some years ago.
That translation use Latin letters in Cyrillic names and have other small problems.
I going to:

  • replace Latin letters to Cyrillic ones where needed (usually Xa prefix) and some untranslated name parts
  • Glue Xa part with rest of the word
  • clean up minor other glitches
  • (in the next batches) fix wrong translations

The first bunch provided to SwiftFast is below. When Osmose swipe over that change I’ll provide another bunch. Please review, I’ll ask SwiftFast to run edit in next couple of days if no objections will be voiced here.

"Xa Намал" -> "ХаНамаль"
"Xa кнессет" -> "ХаКнессет"
"Мордехай Anilevich" -> "Мордехай Анилевич"
"Xa Шофтим" -> "ХаШофтим"
"XaНаркис" -> "ХаНаркис"
"Xa Тамар" -> "ХаТамар"
"Xa Ораним" -> "ХаОраним"
"Xa Шахар" -> "ХаШахар"
"Xa Шакед" -> "ХаШакед"
"Xа Римон" -> "ХаРимон"
"Xa Шикма" -> "ХаШикма"
"XaТабор" -> "ХаТабор"
"Xa Кишоне" -> "ХаКишон"
"Мишмар XaЯрден" -> "Мишмар ХаЯрден"
"Иегуда Xалеви" -> "Иегуда ХаЛеви"
"Ha Негев" -> "ХаНегев"
"Xa Орен" -> "ХаОрен"
"Xa Шита" -> "ХаШита"
"Xa Невиим" -> "ХаНевиим"
"Xa Tena" -> "ХаТеена"
"Xa Пардес" -> "ХаПардес"
"Xa Рамбам" -> "ХаРамбам"
"Амнон VeTamar" -> "Амнон ВеТамар"
"Элиягу Hanavi" -> "Элиягу ХаНави"
"Xa Шофтим" -> "ХаШофтим"

Sanniu, you’ve duplicated my post :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, writing at the same time

It’d be best to delete the other one, this thread has a more detailed intro.

This is the second bunch, @SwiftFast please apply after couple of days, hope the names will be reviewed for correctness (@wowik, may you please?):

"Xa Наркис" -> "ХаНаркис"
"Xe Керем" -> "ХаКерем"
"Менделе Мохер Seforim" -> "Менделе Мохер Сфарим"
"Xa красный" -> "ХаРотем"
"Xa Ришоним" - -> "ХаРишоним"
"Xa Нешер" -> "ХаНешер"
"Xa Хореш" -> "ХаХореш"
"Azarya Мелех" -> "Азария ХаМелех"
"Xa Шальдаг" -> "ХаШальдаг"
"Asa" -> "Аса"
"Xa Ракевет" -> "ХаРакевет"
"Xa-Шакед" -> "ХаШакед"
"Xa-Рамбам" -> "ХаРамбам"
"Xa-Шита" -> "ХаШита"
"Нир Aм" -> "Нир Ам"
"Xa Шилоах" -> "ХаШилоах"
"Александр Yanai" -> "Александр Яннай"
"ynнгаt" -> "Вингейт"
"Xa Шахам" ->"ХаШахам"
"Xe Керен" -> "ХаКерен"
"Генерал Адам Yekutiel" -> "Генерал Йекутиэль Адам"
"Xa Шива" -> "ХаШива"
"Заменxоф" -> "Заменхоф"
"Xa Шахам" -> "ХаШахам"

Ok, no resistance, please apply :slight_smile:


Look like there will be one more small bunch, but later.
BTW: OSMose shows some errors in Arabic names, can you look at them?

The Arabic “errors” are thrown for any word that has Tashkil, and I think there’s an osm-wide mishandling of that. I think the raw data is fine, and that solutions should go upstream (Nominatim / Osmose code). I need some time to think and study this.

There are also some whitespace issues that should be easy to fix.

Just a small note:
is pronounced: ХаНамель (or ХаНамэль, depending on your transliteration scheme).
In Hebrew: נָמֵל

Заменхоф should probably be changed to Заменгоф as well.

Заменхоф is established Russian name scheme so I prefer to leave as is.
ХаНамель - ok, will add in the next request to change.

Not sure what you are referring to, the actual established Russian name scheme for Zamenhof is Заменгоф. Never seen it spelled Заменхоф.Заменгоф

Yep, my bad, missed something…

And more fixes:

Наси Бен-Цви Avenue -> проспект Наси Бен-Цви
ХаНамаль -> ХаНамель
Заменхоф -> Заменгоф

Would you like me to run this? Or wait till more fixes build up?

Two days, no post against it. Let’s run this. :slight_smile:

Changes applied in #50182253