Autobahn A542 shown as under construction while opened in reality

Please excuse me posting in English, but my German skills aren’t that well to form a coherent story.

I visited Leichlingen (NRW) a few months ago and while using app Maverick, I noticed that the highway A542 (Monheim-Leichlingen) we were driving on was shown as ‘under construction’ on the map. When I later visited, I noticed the same, while other maps like Google show the road as finished. Also the satellite images (even when using the ‘ID’ editor!) show traffic at both sides of the road, so my observation was clearly correct that the road was in fact finished and opened for traffic.

I posted numerous remarks on, linking the Google Maps maps and stating this story, but every time the remarks were removed without any response. I’m wondering if some admin or moderator is actively blocking the work or correspondence on this matter, or perhaps that persons still believes the road isn’t finished at all?

The area can be seen here:

HI BeatleBas,

actually A542 is undergoing major repairs at the moment. For that reason the south west bound direction is completely closed. I think it was closed off at the beginning of April. After half a year or so they intend to re-open that direction and close off the opposite direction for another half a year. So maybe the construction was entered prematurely when you were visiting but at the moment it is definitely correct.

Edit: I now also remember that in the beginning of the construction some of the junctions were incorrectly tagged (ways were not split where they should have) for a couple of days seemingly preventing access to/from the north east bound lane. You might have had that wrong data in your app then.

Additionally, keep in mind that the aerial imagery is usually a few years behind and does not necessarily show the latest information (I think the Bing maps being used now have been taken in 2012).


Thats no problem :slight_smile:

Here is some german info on the current closures due to repair: .

And here is more, on the general area:

Ah thank you all, that explains a lot. Being from Holland, apparently I’m used to the way the Dutch mappers show closed off roads like here: , so with the highway:construction but without the construction:motorway tags. Reviewing the wiki on this matter I understand that this not really the correct way as you should always include a construction tag.

Hello BeatleBas,

What was the age of the offline maps you used in the Maverick app?

And you are aware that there are some other really nice OSM-based offline navigation apps for Android devices, some have new map data every month, or even more recent?

I don’t think it had any age as Maverick is semi-online: it downloads during usage but tries to cache as well. As it was the first time I’ve travelled there the tiles couldn’t be from the cache.

For navigation I currently use OsmAnd to my satisfaction. I normally only re-download data when I’m planning to travel somewhere.