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I am new to openstreetmap. Can someone tell me how can I assign residential addresses in an automated way? Assigning them one by one is not efficient. Also what does it mean by keep changeset open?


You can use which incorporates some datasets of addresses. If you are using JOSM there is a mapwithai plugin that incorporates the same datasets.

Keeping a changeset open means you can upload more changes later into the same changeset.


If you’re mapping on foot then StreetComplete’s pretty good for addresses.

What does what mean?


Welcome to OSM, you are going to have to give a bit more context (for example in which area you would like to add addresses) to get detailed answers, but in general either there is open data available that might be reasonable to import in to OSM, or you survey the addresses one by one (it is completely possible to apply a broad brush and get a reasonable approximation of the actual addresses by using address interpolations, but again you didn’t actually give us a lot of information to work from).

For all practical purposes OSM changesets are just a start and end marker for an edit session, as long as the changeset is open. edits can be added to the same changeset, there isn’t really anything more to it.


Hi Simon, thank you for your reply. I am in Toowoomba, QLD Australia. I have no idea how to get open data and import into OSM. If open data is not available what is the next best option?

Before it was open, we used to walk and document them with a GPS, a photo camera and sometimes notes on paper. We do have open data in Switzerland, thanks to @SimonPoole and others, but we still need to survey some of them as the quality of the data varies greatly depending on the municipalities.

The recommended thing would be to discuss this with the Aussie OSM community, currently best on the mailing list Talk-au Info Page

That said, unluckily the country wide address dataset QNAF isn’t available on compatible terms, but there are some state-wide datasets that can be used. As @Pan points out simply collecting addresses by walking around is a valid alternative, not the least because there is lots of stuff that you only find when you are moving slowly and actually look at your surroundings.

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