Australia wide Level Crossing are poorly labelled

overpass turbo , running that O-T query a month ago came up completely blank. My project since then was to distinguish all the level crossing in South Australia (as I am a SA mapper). All but 2 level crossings were missing the traffic lights so I had to add them all in. I am just making this post to make people aware of the poor standard Australias level crossing are in and if anyone is looking for a project in another state this might be a good thing to take on.

Edit… just adding I also did Tram_level_crossings aswell. The Australia wide results are the same - is pretty much blank too. overpass turbo

The problem may be that 99.2% of railway crossings that have their signal status tagged use the crossing:light tag. So for Australia that’s about 355 mapped overpass turbo

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the way I interpreted the wiki is that the “railway” tag should only be use if it is actually attached to the train lines, the wiki says to place traffic lights on the road with the direction they target. If they are placed on the train line/road junction they are placed incorrectly to begin with. im going to take a look at each of the ones in SA with your query. It would be good for us to have a Australia wide format. Its easy to change the way I have mapped with JOSM but now im not sure which is the correct mapping, the way ive done it or the other way.

So where exactly in this Tag:railway=level_crossing - OpenStreetMap Wiki does it say that?

ok I just had a look I can see the issue, I can just do a JOSM edit for all railway-road nodes and add the crossing. and remove it from the lights no problem, the very first edit of this project I started in gawler and someone commented that I was doing ti wrong so I followed their advice because I had stuff going on with the DWG and the board at the time Changeset: 145565274 | OpenStreetMap , I can fix this no problem.

before i do this can I get your opinion on what im about to do, 1. remove the level_crossing from the traffic lights and replace it with signal, 2 search for all railway-road crossing and add crossing-light crossing-bell and crossing-barrier

If you want to also map the actual signals then you can leave the traffic_signals=level_crossing. It’s just that most people don’t map the physical signal rather they map the effect it has ie: crossing:light=yes/no. Same thing that happens with mapping speed limit signs v’s maxspeed. No reason why you can’t do both.

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alright, im glad ive done it this way TBH. like I said only 2 or 3 crossings only had lights to begin with, a lot of the crossing were really messy missing stop/giveway signs, really crooked roads and paths I tidied them all up. ok so ill leave the lights as they are and just add the light/bell/barriers tag to the rail-road nodes. I know the couple that dont have psychical barrier so ill just remove them manually. Ill do this in the next couple of hours, need to get to the shops real quick.

yeah im just going to do this by hand, theres over 1400 results from the railway-road crossing query overpass turbo. Im just doing the regular public transport railways.