[Auf Englisch] MapRoulette challenge für "alte" amenity=restaurant

I created a challenge for the community to look at “old” restaurants (not updated since 2017) and I decided randomly to create a challenge for Austria. The goal is to take another look at these and updated them (delete if closed, add phone numbers, update / add hours, usw.). Here is is: MapRoulette

I would like it if you could let me know if you find this useful. Based on feedback I’m happy to change or delete it . My goal is to gather feedback to see how this challenge would need to be tweaked for different countries to make it useful.

Another useful thing would be to translate the instructions and description to German. If you would like to help with that, that would be great too.

Please feel free to write back in German, I can read it just fine, just my writing is terrible.

[edit] Here’s an example change I was able to make using this task

Thanks, Martijn / mvexel


Hi @mvexel and thanks for sharing this challenge! I have already checked the first restaurants and I am shocked to see how many there are around.
For about half of them, I used a search engine to find either a website or a Facebook page that proves the existence of the restaurant.
For some very small objects (in our case “Beiz” or “Jausestation”) it is very difficult. Sometimes you can still find a few recent reviews on G***.

Here is a german translation (with some additions enhanced):

Challenge Description:
In dieser Challenge findest du Restaurants, die seit vielen Jahren nicht mehr bearbeitet oder aktualisiert wurden. Hilf mit zu überprüfen, ob sie noch existieren!

Task Instruction:
Das Restaurant “{{name}}” wurde seit längerer Zeit nicht mehr aktualisiert. Bitte nutze deine Ortskenntnis oder recherchiere im Internet (beispielsweise aktuelle Rezensionen), ob es dieses Restaurant an diesem Ort noch gibt. Wenn es noch existiert, versuche bitte den Eintrag anhand öffentlich zugänglicher Informationen zu aktualisieren. Zum Beispiel Telefonnummer, Öffnungszeiten, Website oder cuisine. Auch wenn du keine Änderung vornimmst, dass Restaurant aber noch existiert, füge bitte den Tag check_date mit dem aktuellen Datum im Format YYYY-MM-DD hinzu.
Wenn du dir sicher bist, dass es nicht mehr existiert, verwende den Lifecycle-Prefix disused:

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For some very small objects (in our case “Beiz” or “Jausestation”) it is very difficult. Sometimes you can still find a few recent reviews on G***.

Das ist genau der Grund, warum ich die EveryDoor App so praktisch finde. Wenn ich bei POIs vorbei komme, hake ich diese oft einfach nur ab in der App (auch ohne dabei Änderungen vorzunehmen). Da die App dann automatisch das aktuelle Datum als check_date=* einträgt, weiß man immer wann der POI sicher noch existiert hat.


Thanks for the translations!! I updated the challenge with those.

I like the disused: tag. I haven’t used that very much. I usually just delete the information…

I also created a separate project in MapRoulette to group these challenges once I create more for other countries. @mcliquid I added you as an admin :slight_smile: so you can clone the challenge for other areas if you want.

It is a “side topic,” I realize, but I wanted to say how rather neat it is that MapRoulette can leverage OAuth permissions and offer to and give a particular person admin privileges in this gamification system.

OSM uses OAuth when you log in, this “forum” (Discourse) uses OAuth, MapRoulette uses OAuth, too. We are not (yet) in a world where “one login to rule them all” (a convenient and good thing, not the tyranny it might sound like worded like that) is here for all things OSM, but I do find neat that entrances to our sub-communities can be built using the same credentials we use to enter the front door of OSM.

Nice. And we see it in conveniences like “here, I’ll give you Admin permission, because that’s correct.”

As OSM’s communities and sub-communities grow, I hope to see this convenience become widespread. It has begun, it’s catching on, I’m smiling.

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This is not a high quality edit: There are two restaurants there in the same place, the one you modified has its name spelled wrong.

I fear, some AI is lacking in I?

Thanks for including the lifecycle prefix. A lot of the time the premises can (and often enough) will be reused by another POI which then only needs new tags. I really prefer that over deleting and later adding a new node / way

check_date= 2022-02-16 added, but don’t we already have 2023? :wink:

I guess I should leave the edits to the locals :slight_smile: Apologies!

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So, which of the doubling entities for the same to keep? As much as I despise restaurants on outlines, this one might even qualify, @mcliquid you are the most local here, and you prefer outlines :slight_smile:

Thanks, I reviewed it and updated the POI as well as some details in the area. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, jetzt steht da immer noch Schlegelkopt, zwar nur im name:en, aber im Web finde ich nichts dazu, nur zu Schlegelkopf. Wahrscheinlich ein Tippfehler?

Ja, das kann sein.