Atualização do mapa!

Hi guys, how are you? I have a problem and I need some help. In the Instagram of my company the address is wrong, I updated here on Street Map to see if it works, but nothing yet, do you know how long it takes to update here on the maps? I changed the name of the old bar to mine, which is now on the site.

If it shows correctly on OpenStreetMap then there’s nothing more the OpenStreetMap community can do. Other website generally take map data in periodic updates rather than keep them constantly updated and we don’t control their schedules.

Some websites also use OpenStreetMap for the background and their own database for businesses on top.

Ultimately you will have to contact their support people to see if they can do anything to help.


Instagram (and Facebook) are known to use their own POI database, so you will need to contact them, as InsertUser has said. The do use OSM data as a background map, but only for background.

If contacting them doesn’t work, please post back here and we’ll see what else we can suggest.