Attribution missing from maps by NRK [fixed]

I have noticed that the Norwegian Broadcast Corporation (NRK) has begun using maps as part of their full screen media stories, like this one:

This looks like Mapbox GL to me, with Openstreetmap data (at least from what I can see from the slide featuring London).

All other media in these articles are credited in the bottom right corner, but these maps only have an (i), which is not clickable. Inspecting the HTML it seems the (i) will only pop up the attribution “NRK”.

It is my understanding that the way the ODbL works, is that the licensor, in this case the OSMF, directly licences the database to the licensee, in this case NRK as a customer of Mapbox. It is therefore NRK’s responsibility to provide proper attribution.

Anything else I should keep in mind before writing them a friendly email?


The Wiki has an excellent page on this: Lacking proper attribution - OpenStreetMap Wiki (please also add the site to the table on the page).

There’s also a text example of a non-threating eMail :wink:

You could also go for telling them, using the example of the photo credits., that that would constitute as a valid attribution.


it seems they are using their own tiles, loading from

Just to make it clear: That doesn’t change the fact that attribution is necessary, if the tiles are rendered from OSM data, does it?


just send them a link to this thread :slight_smile:

Yes, it does not change whether attribution is required.

But if they would be using OSMF servers we could switch of their tiles for lack of attribution (see GitHub - openstreetmap/tile-attribution: This repository is used for reporting and tracking sites which are using tiles but without attributing OpenStreetMap. The sites are tracked in the issue tracker. )

@sbre: Send a polite and helpful email to chief legal officer (juridisk direktør) Olav Nyhus - - with a link to this page:

A bird whispered in my ear (its a norwegian saying :stuck_out_tongue: ) that its fixed now and you can press the i-button to se attribution.


It indeed seems to be fixed now!

I haven’t sent any email yet (but maybe someone else did?), since there where still replies coming in here from Norwegian community members. Better get it right than quick, I figured.

I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if some of the map guys at NRK often hang out around these parts :slight_smile:

@FredrikLindseth is the Norwegian Trojan Horse… “Sotrahesten”. He knows somebody in every single industry. If you need to sneak a message in the back door, he’s your… horse. :smile_cat: :horse:


Let’s check whether there is attribution next time on the TV news at NRK.