Atchison County Missouri

I would like to donate our shape files so that your map data is current for our area. We use an app to assist responders in finding locations and the app is only as good as the map data. How do I go about this?

Rhonda Wiley

I have sent my contact information in a separate Email. The process will look something like this:

I will compare the new data (roads, addresses, buildings) to existing data in OpenStreetMap
Generate a list of proposed changes (Not uploaded yet)
Get an official permissions letter for our use
Document and go through the Imports process (30-90 days)
Apply the changes to OpenStreetMap.

That process won’t scale to all 3,007 counties in the US, but I did a smaller version of this for the Murray County, OK road network about 5 years ago, and the results have been positive.

Thanks! I look forward to receiving your email! This will be such a great asset for us here in Atchison County!!!

I have not received your email. I have checked junk mail as well. Thanks!

The message sent via the Forum email function may have been blocked even before it got to your junk mail. Try sending to me at niceman (at) .


I have not heard back from you. Did you receive my email?