Asking for a changeset revert

Hello all,
some weeks ago, I did an edit in the south of Java Island, between Java and Nusa Kambangan. It appears that without wanting, I damaged relation #447324, which is a huge multipolygon describing part of the estuary of Citanduy river, in changesets #69021306 and #69029460. Now the estuary is not shown properly anymore but looks partially empty :frowning:
Luckily, this is an area with relatively low mapping activity. To my knowledge, no one has edited this multipolygon afterwards. Reverting the changesets is therefore probably the best way to repair this.
As I do not (yet) use JOSM, I can not easily do the revert myself.
It is possible to have the above two changesets reverted?
Thank you very much.


I wanted to revert both changes but conflicts came about, so I decided to just go through some of the errors and clean-up some of the duplications which seemingly stem mainly from a HOT project mapper who mapped riverbanks as waterway=river. I tried to preserve as much as I can, but most of the stuff around Cilacap where just duplications that weren’t necessarily more accurate nor rivers to begin with.

The relation should be fine again in a bit.

There are a couple of issues still present:

  • some waterways missing
  • waterway directions unsure
  • probably still wrong rivers somewhere, I haven’t checked north of Karangtalun

Let me know if I need to improve upon some of the things I did further or if I misjudged something. Otherwise feel free to improve as you see fit! I hope this helped.

I see the relation is back - thank you so much!
Maybe this is even the better solution, as my other edits in these changesets - which would also have been reverted - exactly tried to tackle the issue you describe: “rivers” actually being riverbanks or streams, drains etc., redundant waterways… (these problems also appear elsewhere on Java).
I’ll try to keep repairing but with even greater care now.
Thanks again.