Ask permission to use google streetview images

I’ve always learned the OSM is not allowed to use Google streetview images for mapping purposes because of their license. But sometimes if you ask for things organisations are willing to make an exception. So my questions are :

Has anyone ever asked Google for permission to use it for OSM?
If so who, when and what was the answer?
If not… what is the best way to drop this question?


Their terms of use explicitly forbid deriving maps from the data. I think OSM is big enough to be a threat to Google Maps and I can see no way they would relax that permission for OSM. See in particular clause 2(d) of

Where organisations have given access to imagery, they either do not have a commercially exploited mapping product, or they see an OSM layer as something they might include in their mapping product to help them compete with Google Maps.

Remember that Google is very much money driven and is very much an intellectual property based business.

You can always check out Mapillary and OpenStreetCam and even contribute to them.

Can images from Mapillary or OpenStreetCam be used as a source for modifying something in OSM ?