Ashdod Mapping Party

Hi all,

Let’s add some gps tracks to Ashdod, and meet up for coffee and chat afterwards.

You could either wander in the streets with the gps recording,
or no gps at all, and noting POIs.

After an hour we’ll meet in a cafe,
and when at home, we’ll upload everything to OSM.

Please choose any of these days. You can choose more than one:

Tuesday 22/Feb
Wednesday 23/Feb
Monday 28/Feb
Tuesday 1/Mar
Wednesday 2/Mar

The day with most volunteers wins.

I’m proposing start at 20:00, and meet in the cafe at 21:00.

I can take a tremp from around Raanana or Tel Aviv.



there are some urgent things popping up right now, so I will not be available for the time being.