Armenia topo

Hi, could someone help me with sourcing topo maps for Armenia - ideally they’d have 10m contours. I’ve managed to get topo with 40m contours from here - any help would be really appreciated! :slight_smile: (I’m using them on a Garmin device)

You can try (contourlines are only for premium members).
Or convert the osm.pbf file from with mkgmap into garmin img.

Ok I’ve managed to compile the garmin img. I’m having an issue though - the maps are missing a lot of detail i.e towns and road networks. additionally the topo only becomes visible once I’m zoomed in a huge amount. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

The map becomes grey between the view of the country and when contours appear.

I don’t know how you have compiled your map, but maybe you didn’t make your contour map transparent?
Can’t you just grab the osm road map from and combine it with your contour map?
A tool to combine those:

I followed the walkthrough instructions here:

Mkgmap has a steep learning curve and many options so it is likely things go wrong. Try to compile only the contour lines first and better use 20m intervals (less cluttering).

What is the file used for? does that needed to be included when created the garmin img file? I’m struggling to find any information about that file type

You don’t need it for compiling, but it gives some extra info about the contour lines, which way and node numbers are used (numbers should be higher ID’s then the OSM ID’s).

# General Information:
# ------------------------------------------------------------
# Filename:   Hoehendaten_Freizeitkarte_ALPS.osm.pbf
# Build Date: 2016-03-17 08:20:27
# Created by: phyghtmap 1.61
# phyghtmap parameters:
# ------------------------------------------------------------
# Datasource: view1,view3
# Step:       10 m
# Medium:     100 m
# Major:      200 m
# Poly File:  Freizeitkarte_ALPS.poly
# Start NID:  7500000000
# Start WID:  4700000000