Areas, parking lots, buildings and connections

I have attempted to take information in a little at a time to keep from getting overwhelmed, but there are a few things that I’m not finding clear answers (opinions, since that seems to be the norm instead of absolutes) on.

If this information is easily available and I’m just not finding it, please let me know where to go to find it. There are numerous different avenues for getting information right now, and one doesn’t seem to be comprehensive.

What is the preferred method for mapping parking lots? I have the urge to map the exact area of the parking lot, extending the lot out to the street where there are lot entrances and exits. I map it to the physical border of the street on the satellite imagery, understanding that the road won’t be rendered as the actual area, but dependent on the street type chosen.

Since the map view of the parking lot isn’t going to actually match up to the street, given the above difference between how areas and ways are rendered, should I avoid that and rely only on nodes extending into the parking lot to indicate entrances? Again, I feel like you lose a lot of detail/information doing it this way, but understand there has to be some type of compromise.

When a way extends into a parking lot, should it intersect the edge of the lot and share a point, or is it only necessary/preferred for the way to cross into the parking lot area? Does the pathing/route finding work better one way or another (since that is obviously the main point of ways, and not 100% fidelity in appearance).

Finally, should ways intersect with buildings, or simply approach them?? Again, do the route finders work better one way or another?

Thank you, I realize this is basic information, but I wasn’t able to readily find it and have looked several places over an amount of time in an effort to find these answers on my own, to no avail.

There is no right and wrong concerning the questions you ask and I suspect it does not make any difference for the routing engines either.

I usually capture the parking lot area as the real outer boundary of where vehicles can be parked or as a physical boundary if there is any (trees, a wall, multi storey parking building). So I don’t extend the area along the service road leading to the parking lot.

I don’t intersect roads with the parking lot area but I do intersect them with buildings. Either you continue mapping the road inside the building or you can mark the end point as a amenity=parking_entrance.