Area-search - nwr(around:10000) - with Berlin, München not lon,lat

one question regarding area search -

i have had a closer look at the man-pages bud had no luck in finding the solution i need to have:

here the man-pages:

what is wanted: i need a area search that works with the name of the town - (not with the long lat position)

like so:

but unfortunatly this does not work

this works perfect - but is not very convenient - i need to have the real-world-names for the town: like Munich / or München, Ravensburg, Rosenheim, Salzburg

any idea how this will work - any idea how to replace this term

with some cooler

look forward to hear from you

Do you want it 10000 around the central node, or around the city boundary? I can imagine the second of those is much more difficult.

I am absolutely no programmer, but I suspect you’re going to have to tell the search what sort of thing “Berlin” is first - it’s not an object in its own right in the map, just a tagged node.

There are 37 nodes with name=Berlin, but you presumably only want this one:

And then there’s the city boundary relation, also name=Berlin

My own hunch from early explorations with Overpass is that what you’re asking for isn’t possible - but others know much better.

So they can help you better, can you say why lat/long is unhelpful to you?

good day dear eteb3:)

first of all: many many thanks for the quick reply. Great to hear from you !!!

what is wanted : a easy to use approach that helps me to get quick results from

i formerly have applied many many requests - and i like overpass-turbo very much. But at the moment i do not know how to apply the request so that i can use “real-world” names - which are far more easy to remember than the corresponding lon & lat…

i look forward to a fruitful discussion.