Are stylized maps acceptable data sources?

Are stylized maps acceptable data sources? I’m referring to things like transit maps and ski resort maps, showing layout and names but distorted from the actual geography. I’m wondering whether the usual restriction against copying from other maps doesn’t apply because they are symbolic and detailed coordinates would have to come from elsewhere, but I don’t know if that’s actually how it works.

Those maps are generally copyrighted so in most cases you can’t use those

This would describe the majority of mall maps too:

I suspect it would be of limited use as a data source. You’re right that the geometries in these maps aren’t very usable, but geometries aren’t the only things in a map that can be subject to copyright. Regardless, at least you could use it to corroborate information you obtain otherwise.

I often took a picture of the information map not to forget ski pistes names and colours when mapping back at home. At least for ski pistes, this is fair game: the information belong to the operator, who is happy to share.