[Approved] Feature Proposal - Cyclist footrests and handrails / Cyclist Waiting Aid

Voting has started for Cyclist Waiting Aid Proposal: Proposal:Highway=cyclist waiting aid - OpenStreetMap Wiki


I’m happy to announce that the cyclist footrests and handrails proposal and the tagging highway=cyclist_waiting_aid has been approved with 26 votes for, 0 votes against and 0 abstentions. You can find the new feature page here in the OSM wiki: Tag:highway=cyclist_waiting_aid - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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I would note that this proposal had/has a substantial flaw in that it proposes a sub-tag that has semantics that conflict with the dominant use of that tag. In numbers roughly 500 uses of the side key for this feature vs. ~70’000 for traffic signs.

The net result is that every editor that supports directly or indirectly reversing ways needs to hardwire this exception. Thank you.

@SimonPoole Could you please elaborate on how there is a conflict here? According to the intention of the proposal, the usage is the same or similar and does not lead to conflicts. Editors that swap “left” and “right” when flipping line directions also work correctly in the case of waiting aids.

But perhaps something was overlooked that you are referring to.

See `highway=cyclist_waiting_aid` `side` gets reversed with the way · Issue #10128 · openstreetmap/iD · GitHub

That is a direct contradiction with

Add the tag [side](https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:side)=* to indicate whether the waiting aid feature is located on the left or right side of the way, *seen in the direction of travel of a waiting aid user*

Ok, I got the point! I had forgotten that this “perspective” approach had slipped in at the final stage of the proposal, as this can prevent incorrect data in many cases - but can actually generate incorrect data in the case of a direction flip (a case that fortunately should only rarely occur, especially as the nodes are often located on oneways). And thus indeed stands in contrast to the use of side in other contexts (which is unfortunately not documented!).

Are you aware of which editors are capable of line direction flips and which of them perform them without asking users whether the new data is correct? afaik JOSM is asking, Vespucci is informing and iD is just doing.

That doesn’t really make it more or less likely.

In any case Merkaartor probably allows explicit way reversal and anything that allows way merging implicitly needs to be able to reverse ways.