Appropriate tagging for store's parent company?

Is there an appropriate way to tag a parent company in OSM?

Example: Hoverboard Inc. owns Hoverboard Source, Boards that Fly, and Ride the Air Sports. I’d like to tag Hoverboard Source, Boards that Fly, and Ride the Air Sports in a way that i can easily identify that they’re owned by Hoverboard Inc.

there is the operator tag which in this case is about the company that operates the shop. If there is a different company (subsidiary) then you would put this (and your parent company doesn’t apply there).

There is also ref:vatin=* which is used to tag the VAT identification number of businesses

Another tag that could be relevant is “brand” (depends on the case, sometimes can show that things belong together, but not generally e.g. a car repair brand=ford unlikely will be property of the manufacturer).

Eventually also the “network” tag can be used to state something “belongs together”.

I don’t have other ideas, maybe for such cases wikidata would indeed be more natural as a source.

Is the parent company signed in shops?

What is the usecase for such an information in OSM?

I feel it fits better Wikidata element which would be tagged in brand:wikidata