appropiat method to import the dataset (and the map) of

dear Community,

whats the most appropiate way and method to import the dataset (and the map) of a to wordpress:

lets take for example the following request:

should we do this via


note: A Line layer consists of two different types of OSM features, Ways and Nodes. … sections of this plugin section according to their functionality (editing, identification, etc.).

BTW - can i export the data of healthsits only in CSV formate - that means: what if i only want to gather the POI

is this doable too!?

Then i can poulate the data in to a MySQL or PostGreSQL db

look forward to hear from you

It’s not clear what you want to do - you say “to wordpress” but that’s just a blogging platform. A blog post might be a link to anything (perhaps a link to, a uMap map at , something else…).

For the avoidance of doubt, if you’re talking about “importing into OSM”:

For any import, what you’d need to do is spelt out at . The whole process needs to be followed, including “Community Buy-in” and “License approval”.

Interestingly, it appears that there have been some historical updates from to OSM in the past - see for what has happened previously.

If you’re not talking about “importing into OSM”, just instead asking about downloading data from them:

You’ll need to ask what format they can make their data available in.

If the data you want is actually all in OSM, then you could obtain it from there, perhaps by Overpass, or by just downloading it from one of the extracts and mirrors listed at .

hello dear SomeOneElse,

first of all : many many thanks for the quick reply. Great to hear from you. Weil - to clear up some things.

importing into WP ( wordpress) - the idea behind is that i want to add some data (csv) in tables or as map into a wordpress-CMS.

therefore i wanted to know how to proceed

  • exporting the data in a apropiate way - eg. as a CSV-export.
  • exporting the data as a map!?

btw: we also have the export-method via


and besides that: see thie following options:

the shema document:

Load the schema document
$ coreapi get

and now i am able to interact - accordingly

Interact with the API endpoint
$ coreapi action api v2 > facilities > list -p api-key=… -p page=… -p country=… -p extent=… -p output=… -p from=… -p to=… -p flat-properties=… -p tag-format=…

ps - i guess that i need an api-key here too!?

many thanks for all you did!!

i have to leave house - but i can respond later …


Unfortunately I can’t comment on what or will allow you to do - you’ll need to ask HOT or respectively.