Applications that use OSM data and linked Wikimedia Commons images?

I am sitting here with a mapper friend who started contributing images to Wikimedia Commons and linking them to existing OSM objects using the wikimedia_commons=* tag.

Does anyone know of an app that uses these links to display the images alongside an OSM map in some way?

Taginfo lists a few data consumers that support this tag, primarily OsmAnd and Open Etymology Map/Open Artist Map/etc.


I add lots of photos to Commons, but I never use the wikimedia_commons tag — instead, I make sure the OSM item has a wikidata tag and that the Wikidata item is linked to a Commons category containing the photos. I figure that’s easier than updating OSM with the same info that’s available on Wikidata (for this case; there are plenty of other tags that I think do make sense to effectively duplicate).

The tool I use (and wrote) to help with this linking is