Appalachian Trail relation, USA hiking.

I originally posted this in my diary:

“Completed a 50 mile section of hiking trail in NY/NJ USA”

I’ve been doing a bit of hiking the last few months. No major multi-day trips but I’ve had a few 10 mile + days. Up to now, my focus has been working on filling in the Long Path trail on the map. It is a 300 mile regional trail that runs north from New York City. Just a couple days ago, I completed the southern 50 miles of the trail, from the George Washington Bridge to the intersection with the Appalachian Trail.

About a month ago, I figured out how to use the routing features of the map. So I connected the whole 50 mile section with one routing tag relation “919642”.

So now that I’ve intersected with the Appalachian Trail, and hiked a very small portion of it, I wanted to see what relations already exist for this major popular national trail. So I typed “Appalachian” into the “add a relation” feature in potlatch. I was surprised to see at least seven relations already exist. I picked what I thought was the best of them to label my section of the AT.

So, I’m thinking, since this is one 2,175 mile long continuous trail in the United States, it should have only one relation tag.
This page:
indicates that “156553” should be that relation that is used. It is a low number compared to the other relations so perhaps that means that it came first. It has two problems though. It lists the AMC as the operator. AMC only maintains a 300 mile portion of the trail. Other trail conference groups maintain other portions of the trail. So I would either want to remove the operator tag (and put it as one of the way tags for individual sections of the trail) or change it to Appalachian Trail Conservancy which is the main group overseeing the whole trail (as I understand it).

the other issue with “156553” is that it has a note attached to it that some extra nodes were removed. I think I will try to remove this note from the relation.

Are there any good hiking maps made with OSM that might show off the trails that I have made? Oh, just found this:
If “AT” appears as a label of portions of the Appalachian Trail, how can I get “LP” to appear over my portions of the “long path”? Perhaps I need to capitalize the L and P in the name Long Path?

Because of the total length of the Appalachian Trail, the same relation logic used for Interstates and US highways could be applied: the trail should be composed of regional relations, tied together by a super-relation. The logic is that if someone corrects a local trail segment and affects the relation, that only the local relation is affected - therefore when the data is uploaded, there is much less chance of a conflict.

“LP” is showing now for me - it may have been a data update delay.

Thanks for finding that hiking map - it is quite effective at rendering the local hiking trails!