APP that can import OSM file


I understood that i can download OSM file of an area I want to use offline.
So I download an area from OSM but I can’t find an app’ that I can upload this file/map and that can read it.

For example I tried to use it on ORUXMAP but don’t work

DO I do something wrong or in general this is can’t be done?


Generally speaking map apps need data in a format that they can understand, and that usually won’t be the raw OSM data that you can download from OSM directly. I’m not familiar enough with Oruxmaps to know what format that needs, unfortunately.

Tnx - so there is any option to convert the OSM to a specific format ?

Usually NO. This is the job of the app developer.

Some apps are Open Source and it is possible to import osm data by your own, but most apps don’t. And believe me - it’s a lot of work. Much work.

Please tell us what you really want to do. Load data to smartphone and then?


Any options will be app specific. For example, for OsmAnd there’s “OsmAndMapCreator”.

I want to take an area from OSM and open it at a OSM app like OSMAND+ or Uroxmap or any other app that use OSM



eg: OsmAND+" open app, updata data, done.

so I can see this area with the help of that this app

I assume we need more details on what you try to do with OruxMaps and OSM-Data.

There is a chapter in about how to include OSM-Maps (not data!) into OruxMaps (online and offline maps).

So basically you need to download OSM-Data, create a map from the data and then convert that map into OruxMap-Format.

Specifically for Oruxmaps, would it be an option to use OpenAndroMaps ( This works very smoothly and avoids any need to create a map yourself, and is designed to work offline - I use this combination for hiking a lot. Whether it works for you depends on what you want to do, e.g. it won’t help if you need to instantly update changes in OpenStreetMap data.


Thanks a lottt - this is great and very helpful

Thanks again :slight_smile: