App for Reporting Trail Problems

As a trail maintainer I have found it difficult to know when there are trail problems needing my attention. Most people don’t take the time to note where the problem is (coordinates) and read signs to email in the problem. A phone app could allow immediate posting of trail problems which other trail users and maintainers can see on the app to plan their trips accordingly. This can also help get trail problems resolved faster and help keep the trails safer. After correction, the trail maintainer should be able to remove the notation from the map and all is good again. I believe that would be a handy tool worldwide. I know my fellow trail maintainers would like it.

So far I am not aware of any app with such a feature … but maybe others know?

Do you mean in general a mechanism like OSM Notes?
see for details …

But for OSM notes you need an online connection.

Maybe someone can code an app based on

Mapsforge uses offline maps … any you just need a feature to record own notes for certain positions by users in the wild.

See for all kown programs based on mapsforge.

also see the mapsforge own mailinglist.

Hi Stephan75, thanks for the reply. I am thinking of a mobile app that non-technical hikers can use to report trail problems and see other hikers reported problems as the hike along. And maybe be able to clear a problem if they see it is fixed (and maybe say thanks for fixing the trail problem). This same app would allow trail maintainers like myself to see where hikers have found problems and plan the trip out to fix it. I am sure its an app the he whole hiking and biking world world love to have. Did not see one like it in Mapsforge. Maybe we can get a college or tech school to build as a class project.