App based addition of cycleway:width


does anyone know of an app that lets you easily add the width of a cycleway or lane “in the field”? I tried StreetComplete but that seems to only support separatly mapped ways, cycleway=track | lane do not show up.

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I’m not aware of one, but you could always put in a feature request for StreetComplete: Issues · streetcomplete/StreetComplete · GitHub

They have added many features after users requested them.

More generally, I’m not aware of an app that lets you easily add arbitrary tags to roads and paths “in the field”, from your phone. StreetComplete only supports a limited set of tags, Every Door lets you add arbitrary tags but only to a limited set of objects (buildings, POIs, other nodes such as crossings). Having an app (not a full featured editor) that lets you quickly set arbitrary tags on roads and paths would solve your problem and it would also be really useful also for a whole lot of other tags like sac_scale, trail_visibility, etc.

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Vespucci or Go Map!! perhaps?

Also, the top diary entry this morning was someone using iD on a phone, so that is another option.

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at least Vespucci and SCEE can do this

GoMap!! for Apple devices


Thanks. I’m on Android so can’t use Go Map. Vespucci is great but not ideal on the go, it takes quite a few clicks to do what I want and it’s easy to accidentally move a way etc.

After looking at Android apps again, I think I’ll give OSM Go a try. @Dröömbüddel have a look, this might work for you too. Though it doesn’t have the augmented reality measuring tool for width, you could use StreetMeasure for the actual measuring if you need that.

Great, thanks for the suggestions! :ok_hand: I will try them (apart from the apple one…)