Anyone seeing Safari weirdness on a Mac

I just tried to do a couple of small edits with ID, including the change of name as of a convenience store (McColls to Morrisons Daily). However, it would not let me update any of the fields, other than the store name - found by searching - even under the Tags section (which needed the new website and opening hours putting in).

I then have discovered this happening on everything, not just records with ‘locked’ fields. Nor would it let me type more than a letter or two in to the change description before jumping in to the Sources box. Basically, no fields are selectable and therefore none are undateable.

I was able to successfully do the edits in Firefox, but Safari has been working perfectly until today (just now in fact).

This has only happened today, and it had been working perfectly until now. The only thing of any note was an attempt yesterday to get Potlatch running (turns out it won’t play nicely with Apple Silicon - interface freezes when trying to save), but other than that have changed no settings - clearing caches and restarting had no effect.

Any ideas, anyone?

Safari 1.6.6/Mac mini M2 Pro/MacOS Ventura 13.5.

iD newest release is from 6 hours ago, maybe it has something to do with it. You could open a new issue in their GitHub: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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It seems that the issue has been resolved - ID on Safari 16.6/Mac (M2 Pro) not allowing fiueld entry · Issue #9848 · openstreetmap/iD · GitHub

Yep - just waiting for the fix to be pushed out.