Anyone have a global basemap for etrex 10 please help me.

I have a used etrex10, and I hope to take it for hiking in spring, but I found that there is no built-in global basemap, which is inconvenient to use. Can anyone help me with this file? Thank you so much.

I expect that you don’t need a global base map for hiking.
You are better of using the limited space on a more detailed local map.
Check the premade Garmin suitable maps here for suitable .img maps .
The bbbike site allows you to produce a small self defined polygon to keep the size small and may fit your device.

Another alternative if you find they won’t fit is to try the fenix map here

I don’t know how much space is available on an etrex 10

There are many youtube examples on using local maps on the Etrex 10

Many sites will refer you to for maps but this site is no longer maintained so use the sites in the link I gave earlier instead.
Good luck.

Looks like 8mb is the internal memory size
Some details here…

Thank you for your help.Unfortunately it only has 8m RAM and cannot be expanded. So a lot of basemaps exceed it’s storage, I’ll try your suggestion, thanks again/

yes,only 8mb.

What area do you want?, I get my maps here:
But it is a little complicated to edit them for a garmin.
If you wish I can do it for you
Or see here:

Another option you could try is the hotosm export tool
Choose create, .img format . It allows you to zoom into the area you want and choose what stuff you want in your maps. For hiking you may only want transport and water selected. This should give you all the roads and footways, etc and the creeks and rivers, etc
This may allow a bigger area with just the stuff you need for hiking.
You likely would need some space to add a gpx track to follow.
I haven’t noticed the size of such maps but I expect there is a good chance of them taking up less space.

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