Anyone active in Lithouania?

Is anyone from Lithuania active here?
I’m thinking about mapping a hiking route in Lithuania and I would like to have a contact with knowledge of the country.

At this point I’d like to know if there are organised efforts or arganisations/clubs to operate/maintain waymarked hiking routes.

I know that in some places painted waymark signs were recently seen on trees.

Who knows more about that?

So far nobody knows of any organisation or club which would be taking care of marked long-distance hiking routes (apparently the only marked routes are short distance local routes managed by national/regional parks, those have additional node with tourism=attraction+attraction:type=hiking_route).

People from hiking clubs say that they do not mark their trails and specifically want to hike in places where nobody else would hike.

I will get back here if I get more info on this, but it looks like there is a very low probability of long-route overseeing organisation.

Also I was told that official E11 goes only to the border of Lithuania. Do you have any info on E11 in Lithuania (except of proposed route in relation

That is correct, but many people would like to extend it. People have compiled information and proposed routes, written blogs and guides, but there is no fixed route or waymarking. As long as there is no nationally active organisation and no waymarking, E11 extension will not happen.

I guess the waymarks recently found by hikers are local routes.

Thanks for asking around. If the situation changes, please let us know!

I have found this site:
It offers 10 signed hiking routes, covering a lot of terrain. You can almost cross the land via these signed routes. But very little of those routes is on OSM.

  1. Čepkeliai Educational Path is mapped (
  2. Zackagiris sightseeing route is mapped (
  3. Bee hollow scenic sightseeing path - NOT MAPPED.
  4. Sightseeing on the Forest path - NOT MAPPED.
  5. The Skroblus sightseeing path is mapped (
    Hiking routes are also visible/searchable in places map:

That’s all of hiking maps.

Water routes have no sense in my opinion. There is a separate water/cayaking map where you can create your own ad hoc routes:

11 bicycle routes are worth mapping, but I do not know where to get exact routes. Will try contacting local tourism information centre.

Thanks! So would it be alright for us to map the sections of the 2 signed walking routes in the Dzūkijos nacionalinio parko, where Dutch people have actually walked and seen the markings on trees?

Would you be in legal trouble if I put the osmc:symbol in the route relations? In Nederland this is sometimes an issue.

Bee hollow and Forest path are now in OpenStreetMap.

Lithuanian version of Dzūkijos national park has more info on routes:

The sections you’ve found are actually cycling routes, they can be found in Lithuanian version of Dzūkijos national park route page:
You’ve started entering them as network=lwn, I guess it should be changed to cwn and route= should not be hiking.

I’m going to map these bicycle routes later and will add them to bicycle map (

Cannot think of any reason why that could be a problem so please do :slight_smile: All national/regional parks want to promote their routes as much as possible.

You are absolutely right, I was wrong to think they are for walking. In Nederland, these painted signs are never for cycling, only for walking.
So network=lcn and route=bicycle it is.

If you are going to map the routes, great! I better leave it alone because I’m just complicating things.

As for extending the E11 long distance path, cycling routes could be used but I guess for hiking there are smaller and more attractive roads and paths?

At the moment, we are looking at They are going north-southwest while E11 wants to cross west-to-east from Janaslavas via Veisiejai, Druskininkai, Varena, then up to Vilnius, then east in the general direction of Moscow, maybe via Minsk. But hey, maybe they want to expand and offer a variant!

I’ve added a cycle route between Druskininkai and Merkinė.
“Official” route (map) has some strange teleportations which I will try to discuss with the park office.

As for choosing routes for hiking versus cycling it is hard to say. Lithuania is more or less flat, so altitude-wise there should be no big difference between hiking and cycling in most places. Both cycling and hiking routes try to visit the same attractions. Therefore in my opinion it is a matter of subjective taste/choice :slight_smile:

Right you are! Nederland is flat except for some hills in the south. I live in South-Holland. Holland is a part of Nederland that is completely flat. But cycling paths and routes are almost all asphalt or paved and very very busy with speed cyclists, e-bicycles included. So for a pleasant and safe walk, you do not want to use bicycle routes over here, even if the destinations and attractions are the same.
When designing routes, I try not to use bicycle routes.

But this case is different, because E11 can only be officially extended over signed routes with an operator. Any signage will do, as long as the operator supports the usage for E11 hiking route. I guess in this case we could also look at the EV11 cycling route, and use that for hiking as well.