Anybody knows who is the tranlator of the iD editor to Hebrew?

Some very problematic translations need to be addressed:


רמת קושי בלתי אפשרי = mtb:scale:imba
רמת קושי אופניים = mtb:scale
רמת קושי אופני הרים= mtb:scale:uphill


intermittent stream = נחל תקופתי

Try asking in the iD github repository, they are very responsive:

They use the Transifex platform for translations. It should be possible to register an account there and fix the translations:

It was me, but I almost didn’t touch this project, I did mostly the iD editor itself, the component you’re talking about is “presets” I mostly worked on “core” which also introduces many typos and mistakes from former translators.

Any progress on this?

The translation is now complete, I got the required permissions, feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes, thank you all!

Well done Yaron!
They updated the editor and things look much better now.

Thank you!