Anybody getting "AW SNAP" from Chrome while editing in iD?

I am constantly getting the “AW SNAP” crash while trying to edit using iD with Chrome (36.0.1985.125, latest)
I tried:
FLUSHING CHROME CACHE, and everything else you can flush in HISTORY
New CHROME Profile
incognito window in Chrome
New Chrome User
New OSM user

Still getting crash. Is OSM server OK?


Anyone else getting the “AW SNAP” crash?

I switched from LATEST GOOGLE CHROME to FIREFOX 31.0 and I am able to use iD editor without it crashing and giving me the “AW SNAP” screen.

So far, so good

I’m also getting this as of recently. Maybe something happened in the latest update to iD?

It is probably because you are using Google CHROME. Switch to Firefox and see if the crashes still exists.