Anybody Around?

Theres many unresolved topics, and Noone seems to have posted in a while. Are people still checking the forum out?

Not really.

maybe because of (So people that may answer do not finding the forum?)

Imi: Don’t quite understand you. Are you saying that if there was a better name, with a clearer link it would be better?

I have requested better linking/advertisment of the forum from the homepage, on the mailing list before, but people think it would be little more than spamming to have a link. I still disagree though.

Well, what did you expect asking in a mailing list for a forum :smiley:

I don’t care much whether the ML likes a forum or not… For that, they are in the mailing list ;).

However, the current forum’s url is ugly, unintuitive.

Currently I am holding back and do not link directly into the forum (e.g. from some places in the wiki), because I wait for “” to work so I don’t have to change all the links later.


PS: Note that already points to the correct server, however this server’s apache config is not setup correctly and does not recognize the virtual host of “”.

"Well, what did you expect asking in a mailing list for a forum :smiley: "

Well I did expect people to be able to see things from a different perspective than that of there own.