Any Maperitive alternative software?

Hi Everybody

i am a newbie in the world of OSM. and i barely know about how to modified and exporting osm data.

i usually download data from as .pbf format and then open it inside maperitive.
what i like from maperitive is it kinda easy for me to use, and have the ability to change the rendering rules via text. and also can be easily exported to PNG and SVG. and also the end result is similar with the

but the problem is when i tried to use big data size, like about above 100mb .pbf files it tends to get error because the file size is too big, at first i think it is about not enough RAM. so i tried using VPS server with 64gb ram, but the error still came up around 24gb the use of ram.

so my point is i am looking for a suggestion for a software than can handle big size data and also can be exported with style rendering or google maps style rendering.

i am open to any suggestion for free or paid software.

thank you :slight_smile:
sorry for my bad english.

One option would be to use a similar method as is used to create the standard layer on - see for details. Options also exist for Docker (see and especially ) and you can run the same software from within WSL on Windows 10 (see ).

That won’t have a problem with large amounts of data (provided your PC has enough memory) but it’s not as straightforward to use as Maperitive.