Any ADMIN/MODERATOR here to REVERT changes made to OSM in Potlatch?

Changeset 94123177: Please revert all these changes that I made during the last 24 hours. I messed up and I can’t find the way to undo them. The help page for Potlatch says:

• Select the way and press ‘H’ (for “history”).
• A pop-up menu will appear, showing all the times when the way was saved previously (and by whom).
• Select the one you want, and click the ‘Revert’ button.

But I cannot see any Revert button anywhere.

Changeset 94127307 as well.

I’ve now reverted those in .

Thanks a million! :slight_smile: I’ll be more careful from now on.

Another question about editing the map. Can I undo only some of my INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS that I see in history, NOT the ENTIRE changeset?

In this screenshot: I would like to undo the RED ARROW ACTIONS ONLY. AFTER I hit Save button in Potlatch editor.

Is that possible?

I’ve provided some answers over at , but I’m sure more explanation from a JOSM user here would also be useful.