Anouncement: Vector cycle-maps now available (Mapsforge)


Finally Mapsforge based cyclemaps with contourlines are available for free download.

Many weeks of coding led to a tool that completly rewrites the OpenStreetMap
dataset concerning the cycle relations bevore its feed into the Mapsforge mapwriter,
pretty much the same way as Mapnik, Maperitive etc do.

The quality of the routes is very,very close to the OpenCycleMap.

I’v set up a website with basic informations

  • how to install them
  • a map legend
  • a high contrast render theme

Everone is encouraged to improve the render theme, its pretty easy.
Only ONE additional key with 8 values have to be rendered.
(Netherlands + Belgium need a second one for the cycle nodes)

The maps are compatible with the osmarender theme.
The borders of the maps are different from the OSM clipbounds,
eg. for Austria I added the border aera of the czech-republic, the NeusiedlerSee, complete Bodensee, Bratilslava, Deutsches Eck etc…

Big countrys are splitt into logical parts (France, Germany) doe to the limtations of my equipment.

Known issues:

  • Contourlines are sometimes inaccurate in peak regions (esp. in scotland), the puplic avialable dataset suffers from cloud shading.
  • sometimes there are some minor artefacts of the contourlines at tile borders at zoomlevel 12+13, this is an issue of the mapsforge library
  • The names of the cycle routes sometimes are rendered too small, this is coused by a minor bug in the caching algorithm of the mapsforge renderer
  • the maps are rendered in real-time ON your device, this a real demanding task for a smartphone so assure that there is enough free memory, especially for the maps of the Netherland, Belgium and the German borders with NL.
  • a few captions of the cycle nodes in NL/BE are sometimes not rendered - just switch to an other zoom-level.
  • sea and coastlines are not rendered correctly, this is a known bug.

Here you can find the maps and further informations:

Please report all bugs and issues with the maps, I relly on you to improve the resolving tools.

a pleasant summer and happy cycling
Christian aus der Wachau


An user postet an issue in the Oruxmaps forum with not correct rendered cycle ways:

  • the designated cicle lanes: the key was to catch k=“bicycle” v=“designated” [done]
  • pseudo relations: this was the first time I have seen them, some ways with keys like lcn=yes and rcn=yes are rendered in the OCM like route relations [done]

With the next mapping run (in a few weeks doe to my limited bandwidth) all maps will have the new resolving.

Thanks for update. i will be download this free version.