Another "always unread topic"

Is here:

Unlike the previous examples, this one doesn’t seem to be closed. There is one reply, which is the accepted solution, and no way to sort that one reply in different ways.

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Oh that one’s weird, I’m not even seeing the answer except as a quote at the bottom of the original question. The scroll bar thing at the right calls the question post 1/1 so it doesn’t even acknowledge the answer as being displayable.

Did they delete their answer after accepting it as solution or something?

Is there a bug for this upstream?

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Hi there!
The answer shows up when you click the little arrow in the circle I painted:


This button doesn’t show it “properly” but only in a preview/threaded format that doesn’t count as a proper view and so does not reset the “unread” counter. If you click the :arrow_down: on the preview it is meant to send you to the “proper” view of that response, but fails to do so.