Anonymous submissions

Some tracks have appeared lately and when I click on History (in Potlach) to find out who it is, it comes up with “anonymous”, and if I try to contact the user it says you cannot contact anonymous users. How can this be allowed? I’d like to contact his person to get some mistakes corrected but it’s not possible. What’s the point in allowing anonymous users?

Do you have a way id?<insert your way id here>/history

I clicked on API and it came up with

Indeed, the last 2 edits have no username associated with them. Curious.

It is still allowed to do anonymous edits with other editors than Potlatch. Anonymous edits will be banned totally at the same time than API 0.6 comes within couple of weeks. Edits are not anonymous for OSM even user name is not shown to public. Database administrators can see the user names.

Thank-you for that information. :stuck_out_tongue: