Anonymous likes

Seen a few times and on hover this shows


We know about sock-puppets, and for almost as long have observed likes that appear quasi the moment a post is sent into an existing thread. While reading a thread you can actually see that X Y or Z is typing a comment, and then it appears with a like already on it. So was thinking there’s like-puppets around too, a 5 minute post to read and the like showing up in seconds… Read somewhere that if you take on a role on these forums ‘you get a lot more likes’, as if taking on the role is done for these. Well, maybe there are.

At any rate, ‘deleted user’ with voting rights it seems.

Rumour central.

I am reading lots of topics and also sometimes check the likes but I have never come across anything like this so far.

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Now you have--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/\

If by that you mean that the post you’re replying to also has an anonymous like, then it must be something on your side


Very strange given I’ve got only one blocked user and it’s not Xvtn. Switched browser, cleaned cookies/cache, signed in, same thing.

Well, since visiting on me mobile and seeing the same thing on all likes, it must be something in the profile, but no idea what that could be.


Have you tried checking from different wi-fi/cellular data? It’s possible that your internet connection have issues that causes some websites to not load properly.

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The home machine is on fixed lineand when checking mobile I was on data many towers away i.e. 2 different IP’s and providers.

It’s not some plugin forcing a “dark mode” is it?

“Dark mode” as in browsers being in a dark theme speak, black background, white txt ,yes, or plugins that hide me being there… but for Adblock plus and NoScript which actually show what is being obstructed. Trust granted for OSM Discourse is only one line and has not changed since longer.


What’s obscure too is, the mobile runs Vivaldi and the desktop runs Firefox. 2 different engines, one chrome, the other mozilla, Both at the same time showing this abberation… beyond me.