Announcing OSM Restriction Validator

Just wanted to let you know I made the OSM Restriction Validator (Github) that uses the Overpass API.


  • Finds unnecessary restrictions (when oneway streets allow no other turn possibilities)
  • Finds restrictions that block access to a street (in which case “oneway” or “access=no” would be more appropriate)
  • Displays all restrictions with their connected streets
  • Find syntactical errors

Hm, the website does not work for me. I see no map, just “please zoom in to load data”.

Thanks, there was a bug in Firefox. Should work now.

Works fine now, thanks.

Good visualization, thanks!

Just two remarks:

  1. It would be nice to get some kind of permalink.

  2. Your hint “The restrictions at this node make a street inaccessible. Consider using oneway or access=no instead of restrictions” is misleading. One example: and
    Gaußweg is accessible by everyone (access=no is wrong). You can move in Gaußweg in both directions (oneway is wrong). Only entering Gaußweg from Adelbyer Kirchenweg is forbidden at this junction. Same applies for many other restrictions “that block access to a street”.

I fear that some mappers will delete correct turn restriction because of this hint and add plain wrong attributes to the ways. Maybe a hint like “please check if there’s a oneway restriction or another access restriction” will be a better choice.

One remark:
I added to prevent right turn from into But the restriction validator shows me that the relation is unnecessary as there is no other turn possibility.

Good idea, I’ll add that.

I’ve seen it multiple times that main streets in Berlin were blocked due to wrongly set restrictions, which caused major problems in routing. That’s why I’m quite sensitive about those and the main reason I developed the tool. Thanks to your example I learned that there can be exceptions. I’m going to fit the text accordingly, however I trust mappers that they’re careful when making such changes.

Your example containes restrictions on cycleways, which are currently not supported by the tool, what caused the warning. I’ve updated it to ignore such restrictions.

Which are the improvements to this page?

hi !

is there a legend for this map? because some linestyles are difficult to understand.

regards Jan

The colors are described in the “About” section on the page. Apart from that, complete arrows mean it’s a one way street. Arrows on only one side of green/red lines mean it’s a two way street, where the restriction only affects the shown direction.