"Animal Enclosure" Tag

I was editing the map at a local zoo and saw it was possible to tag an area as an Animal Enclosure, which I proceeded to do with several animal enclosures within the zoo. There appears to be no way to add a note for what species the enclosure obtains. Is there a way I’m not seeing, and if not, could it be added?

  1. can you link location you edited?

  2. in such case looking at other similar locations (sometimes in other countries can be helpful)

  3. zoo at OSM Wiki points to Tag:tourism=zoo - OpenStreetMap Wiki which links Tag:attraction=animal - OpenStreetMap Wiki which has some ideas how animal may be indicated

Hi, From looking at the advice here:- https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:attraction=animal I’d say name=??? or species=???

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Yes, I see now how you can tag it to Wikidata. Is there any way to list multiple species for a single enclosure?

I’d recommend the semicolon separator. Using species for horses and donkeys I’d tag

species = Equus ferus; Equus africanus
species:en = Horse; Donkey

Let’s hope order is preserved by the data consumers :laughing:


You could add the animals as points inside the enclosure. This way you lose some information but it is better to maintain if there are multiple animals, sharing one enclosure.

Not exactly, domesticated horse is a subspecies Equus ferus caballus. This is reflected in horse - Wikidata — Then taxon= / taxon:*= is needed to match taxon:wikidata=Q726.

Tagging of animals across features is very chaotic. Reminds me of how wood=palm is deprecated by reason of wood=, causing the appropriation of trees=palm from landuse=orchard.

  • animal= is feature not attribute, caused by =horse_walker, =school, =crematorium etc
  • amenity= + animal_training=
  • amenity= + animal_shelter=
  • amenity= + animal_boarding=
  • landuse=animal_keeping + animal_keeping= causing the yet another unfortunate animal_keeping:type=

Oh why is this thread revived… Btw, problem with this is attraction=animal commonly means a single enclosure. Adding multiple creates an impression of multiple enclosures, when the animals are to be seen in a mix.
It’s an unfortunate consequence similar to attraction=water_slide being used directly for the slide itself, necessitating splitting for layer= in a departure from the usual meaning of attraction as an integral feature; instead of the format of =roller_coaster for the entire area, roller_coaster=track for individual sections.

I thought about an area as enclosure, including multiple points with attraction=animal.

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