Android Sub Forum

We could create an Android subforum so as we have one for Garmin, what do you think about that?

Using the search gives me 23 pages results for Garmin and 4 for Android. I think the Garmin subforum is certainly justified, I’m not so enthousiastic about an Android only forum.

How about a ‘Mobile platforms’ subforum? That is a bit more generic then Android and includes Windows Mobile/7, Symbian, iOS, MeeGo, Bada etc (I don’t want to create a subforum for each mobile platform that’s on the market)…

Garmin exists long time before us, Andorid is even junger than OSM. This will change very quicly. It’s the opportunity to catch all in one !!
Android is an open platform mainly based in JAVA very similar to us.

If you can or want sort messages later it doesn’t matter whether is done now or a year later
You are the boss, we trust you

Thanks but I’m not the boss and hope not having to read about me on a fake-Lambertus blog, like the real boss does :wink:

Anyway, the Android forum is alive. Let’s see how things develop.