[Android, OSMAnd 4.1.11] car route: too many WRONG "turn slightly left"(fr-translated) every hundred meters

Hi, [Android, OSMAnd 4.1.11] car route : that generates too many wrong “Tournez légèrement à gauche” = “turn slightly left”(fr-translated) every hundred meters.
Example :
set a car route
from : Route nationale 8A, Ranspach
to : Arrêt de transports en commun Kruth, Lac

Best regards
joined .GPX of the route : OSMAnd_4.1.11.car_route.from_kruth_to_ranspach.gpx - Google Drive

If you really want to use OSMAnd, I would contact OSMAnd support about the issue.

I got fed up with OSMAnd’s navigation, and switched to Organic Maps.


I still use OsmAnd but only for hiking. For automotive navigation I would much rather use Organic Maps.

Are you using OsmAnd live? If so, try to clear and redownload live data. I’ve encountered this issue once or two times but it is really rare.

You can try to uninstall car map for your area and use only regular maps (check picture below) - it could help you.

I’m using regular map for Poland (they are updated once a month and it supports Live Updates).

A few years ago I had regular and car maps installed at the same time, and then I often had too frequent messages about turns that did not exist. I suspect OSMAnd was routing the route on both maps simultaneously and there were conflicts.

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Multiple maps for the same region could indeed lead to this behavior. Make sure only one map per region is installed.


Indeed, I have “France - Grand-Est” and “Grand-Est Haut-Rhin” both installed.
Removed the first, simulated, seems resolved.
Thanks a lot

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