android app?

can anyone recommend me a stable simple android app?
there is a long list in the wiki, but it does not answer the question: stable.
i tried 3. 2 crashed every 5 min. one had me stuck in a confusing array of extra functions.
i need “locate me on a map” simple and fast. unshaded by 3D-interactive-dysfunctional-supergadgets poping up like mushrooms.

OsmAnd works fine for me, very useful for offline maps.

OpenGPSTracker and OruxMaps seem pretty good.

I agree, I’ve never had any problems with its stability.

ok, iinstalled it an it welcomed me with a crash.
the correct answer to my request seems to be: huawei ascend is trashy…

Maybe there’s a problem with your android version? Mine is 2.3.6 and OsmAnd works on it properly.