An Irish-born, German-living mapper is coming to Athens. Wanna meet?

Hello people! I’m sorry for writing in English. I’m an Irish OSMer (who lives in Germany), and I’m going to be in Greece next week on holiday (27 August → 2 Sept). I’ll be in Athens at the weekend. Is there any OSM meet ups going on there? It would be fun to meet some local mappers! Is there any OSM events or things going on that weekend?

hello Rory,

I’m in for a meeting and if other Greek people join, it will be great.
There are no upcoming public OSM events that I’m aware of (I was thinking of suggesting to a few friends to map a big park this weekend, but haven’t discussed it with them yet).

I would suggest to meet either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, near the city center (especially if this is your first time in Greece).

Is any one else interested? Reveal yourself :slight_smile:

Hi! We’ve never been to Athens. However I’d like to see some of Athens’ world famous historic sites, so an afternoon might not be too good. Our flight is on Saturday, we only have Sunday and Monday in Athens. How about getting dinner somewhere on Sunday evening? We’ll be eating out anyway, might as well meet some new people! I see your involved with the hackerspace in Athens? I was involved with a hackerspace in Ireland. Maybe we could visit your space and then get some dinner?

Hi Rory,

The message I wrote yesterday awaits moderation and hasn’t been posted yet (maybe because it contained links [for directions to the hackerspace]).

Basically, a visit to the hackerspace on Sunday and dinner afterwards sounds fine. A couple of friends (OSMers) might join us too. What time would be more convenient to you?

I’m mostly free all evening. How about 7pm? What’s the normal dinner time in Greece?

7 pm is great. I would say the normal dinner time is probably after 20:00. If you want to exchange other contact details, just send me a personal message via openstreetmap. By the way, there will probably be an Ubuntu Global Jam event at hsgr during that time.

And if anyone else wants to join, feel free to just show up tomorrow at 7pm and ask for code elusive ~ it will be awesome to meet more OSMers.

The hackerspace is located at Ampatiellou 11, Athens, 3 blocks south of Subway Station Agios Eleytherios (metro line 1) and there are detailed directions of how to get there at the hackerspace website (just append .gr after the word “hackerspace”).

Just want to post a follow up. I was there! The hackerspace looks cool! Big thanks to code elusive for meeting us, showing us around the space, and then bringing us to a local greek restaurant. It’s nice to get away from the OTT touristy restaurants. A nice evening of chatting about OSM was had by all (I hope! :slight_smile: ). Till next time Athens!

hello :slight_smile:

The evening was great and I hope next time we’ll have more time to chat about OSM and that more people will join. Maybe we can even organise a related event at the hackerspace or outdoors, if you feel like it. We’re definitely expecting you back :wink: Till next time :slight_smile: