An added road problem.


I added a road to the map like three days ago, now the road appears but not as appropriate. When the view of the map is 500 meters high it is shown on the map, but zooming in it will disappear till reaching the view of 20 meters. What is the problem?!

The location is in West Bank - The Palestinian Territories.

Please Help

That’s normal, it just takes a couple times loading the image tiles in various zooms to get the server to update. Sometimes force-reloading, clearing browser cache etc. In special cases, for huge areas like forests, it takes even weeks to show up right in far zooms too.

Your street shows up in all zooms now, have seen it

But first you declared it as “unclassfied”, then changed it to “living_street”. It’s always a good idea to have a look in the wiki before using unknown keys the first time:

(And since you edited “tracks” too, just another tip: the “tracktype” is still the most universal key for those. Some simpler phone apps and styles just don’t manage to combine SEVERAL modern tags like surface+smoothness+visibility etc. all into 1 line stroke, so they either show the “tracktype” or consider the quality as unknown)

highway=living_street is meant for streets within residential area’s where pedestrians and playing children have certain additional rights. Speed limit is normally limited to 20 km/h or so.

Streets with a lot of houses are highway=residential.
Streets without houses, and that are not important connection roads are unclassified.

The actual use of those tags might be slightly different between countries, especially between the Western world and the developing countries. Especially the surface can be different.