amenity ice

I’m not sure this is the right place to post requests for new keys and values. If not then please tell me where. I notice that there is an amenity with a value of ice, and also shaved ice. But I cannot find one for cubes or block ice in taginfo. As a recreational camper, I know that it’s nice to know where block ice can be obtained because it lasts much longer. Some places sell cubes, but not block. I’d like to propose additional values for each. amenity block_ice and amenity ice_cubes. It would be much appreciated by recreational travelers.
Also, I notice that when I create a parking lot and give it the access disabled key-value pair, it still just shows a car icon and a P for parking. Is there a way to make it show the internationally recognized wheelchair symbol? If not, then could someone consider giving it that icon and a DP or HP (H for handicapped is more common in the US) when access listed disabled? It would be much easier for people to find in large parking lots.