How would you name an amenity pay and disply parking machine amenity=coupon_parking? Or is there already an existing amenity?

fee=yes/no ?

or did you mean to tag the actual physical location on the machine?



I’m not sure if thats what he meant, but I will throw my hat into the ring for location of machine as I have wasted alot of time looking for them in the past! Is there some thing made for machines previously?


I am looking for the definition of the machine.

amenity=coupon_parking_machine or just amenity=coupon_parking?

How should it be tagged?

In germany some people use amenity=vending_machine and vending_products=* for many things.
Maybe this would be also good for coupon parking. (vending_products=parking_coupons)

Hmmm… with vending machine I would associate something useful to me. A parking coupon is a nuisance… :slight_smile:
But nonetheless tagging of a coupon parking machine is a nice idea. It should have a way to associate it with a certain parking area. I have happened to buy a coupon from a machine I thought the right one but it was in charge of another area nearby.

Best regards, Florian.