Alternative to Kendzi3D


The Kendzi 3d plugin as well as all its more recent iteration seems to be broken. It makes JOSM crash (i am using a M1 mac). is there any alternative to test 3D tagging?

I’m using osm2world for this purpose. Not perfect, but the tags I’m usually using are all supported and @Tordanik is well-receptive to feedback.

Tanks. Which file am I suppose to run from the command line. I get an error when I try ./

There is also a kendzi3d-dev version of the plugin, which is a port from JOGL (which is probably what is causing the crash) to LWGJL. It isn’t perfect, but it works.

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Which version.? All versions in the JOSM repository crash on my machine.

It’s working in the sense that I can create .obj and seen them in meshlab. The process is tedious but I am grateful to you and @Tordanik for maintaining the software.

osm2world would really help is I was able to generate the GUI.

I have to use java8 to run it, so maybe this helps you a bit:

/usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.8.0/bin/java \
    -Xmx2G \
    -jar target/osm2world-0.3.1.jar \
    -i export.osm \
    --config \

But I also compile it myself, so the location of the .jar-file will be different. I also load export.osm on startup and always save my JOSM-changes into that file. Saves me another step.

Thanks a lot for your help. I probably have the wrong java version.