Alternate addresses

When I go to OSM and search for the following address:
הרקפת 30, תל אביב יפו
it is found correctly in Nominatim.

However, if I search for
הרקפת 30, תל אביב
it is not found.

Is it possible to correct this so both “Tel Aviv” and “Tel Aviv Yafo” work?

Tel Aviv is one of the most important cities in Israel, and one of the few cities where addresses exist in OSM - so it would be nice to have the search working in an intuitive way.


I just added the following tag to Tel Aviv:
place_name:he2=תל אביב

This should do the job, as it checks all data incl. the other place_name tags.

But of course nominatim should find it also without the Yafo definition.
But its mainly a bug in nominatim than in OSM.

Lets wait a day or two till nominatim gets updated with my change.

so, it this case adding “יפו”-only name will help those who search street in Jaffa, right?