Alterações feitas pelo novo mapeador em São Bento - Changes by new mapper in São Bento


Alguém pode comentar sobre (Changeset: 145451424 | OpenStreetMap) para dizer se estão corretas ou não? Alguma coisa foi discutida com relação ao uso dessa lei do Conselho?


Graeme Fitzpatrick

Grupo de trabalho de dados do OSMF


Is anybody able to comment on (Changeset: 145451424 | OpenStreetMap) to say if they’re OK or not? Has anything been discussed regarding use of this Council By-Law?


Graeme Fitzpatrick

OSMF Data Working Group

Edit to add CS!

From what I understand, this city passed a new law in November, organizing the city with neighborhoods (OSM suburbs) and made official the name of all streets in the urban area. A bit like a Master Plan, on a simpler level.

If you check the law, the last page has even a map for the city. On the same page, it is displayed the name of the collaborators on this law, and the last one has the same name as the user editing OSM, so I suppose they are the same person.

Nothing of this was discussed, but since it’s a city law and the document is official and public, I don’t see as a problem. I confess I didn’t check with detail all changesets from that user, but from what I saw I could see some changes in road classification and adding some stuff, so no harm as well.

Do you have something specific to be checked, @Fizzie41?

This link stopped work (I think is a signed /temporary URL). However, I also found the same law here

So yes, the law exist!

Also, the law did not mentioned explicitly OpenStreetMap, however it mentioned several data users

Art. 6º A Prefeitura Municipal de São Bento do Una comunicará e solicitará a atualização das denominações destas vias aos seguintes órgãos públicos e empresas: Departamento de Tributação, Departamento de Obras e Serviços Públicos, Google, Cartórios, COMPESA, CORREIOS e Neoenergia imediatamente após a publicação desta Lei.

Yes, @Fizzie41 , I agree with @matheusgomesms on this part. The changeset is not opening on OSMCha (but it does open on achavi - Augmented OSM Change Viewer  [attic] ).

Thank you both! :+1:

No, it popped up on our system to show that a new mapper was making quite a few changes to place names, but from what you’ve said it’s all good!


But thanks for asking!

At this time of the year (less eyes) and not-so-obvious changes compared to what typically would appear to be something that (at least me) do not have automated ways to checks (e.g. several street names changes at once, often this happens but is just a few), might make this not be looked after.