All page names are in English?

Hi all. In the [article]( for the Languages template) there is an instruction to the template (Language). For proper operation of the template name of the article should be in English. I understand that this is necessary for correct operation of the template.

I do not understand why we need to have the title of the article in English while the text on the other. Is it right to see it in a foreign language for the reader?

I propose to give the name in their own language and do a redirect from the page XX:English_name for this page. It will work with the template. And people will see a understandable title.

This is already done occasionally, but be prepared that there will be some flaws with that solution.

For example, the solution you describe has been used for the German “Main page”:
When you look at the list of available languages on top of the page, you can see that “Deutsch” (German) is a link like the other languages, instead of the bold and link-free text it should be. And, of course, you get a “Redirected from DE:Main Page” when you switch from English to German.

Another drawback is that such pages will not show up when you limit a search to the language’s own namespace.

this is the problem of template code. it can be solved. Possible. Is it necessary? I was quite happy with the name of the native language and the reference. and redirect. you are not?

I do not understand

Not perfectly happy, it could be better. :wink: If these minor flaws are acceptable for you, then I don’t want to stop you from using that approach - I just wanted to point them out.

Myself, I’m still hoping for the Translate extension that would, afaik, allow translated page titles.

That only refers to some cases where the usual namespace (such as “FR:” or “DE:”) was omitted before the localised name. This affects the “advanced” search options in the wiki search. It does not affect pages named “XX:Localpagename”.

advanced search for the lang which have few pages?