All in One Map or mkgmap error?

I’ve found some funny things in the All in One Map
( from yesterday. But I’ve seen it in several versions before)

N51.144 E6.817 there is a railroad (resolution <= 200m)
and at
N51.218 E6.730 there is a way “Kölner Weg”
in the middle of the river Rhine. (It may be necessary to switch off the display of administrative boundaries to make it visible)

It seems as if the handling of administrative boundaries would copy properties to other parts of the map.

Can anybody confirm this?


Can you pleas tell which device or program does this?

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (Softwareversion 3.00)

Yes, I can confirm :

Could be error in the All-In-One Style or in mkgmap.


Does the error occur with the mkgmap default style and mkgmap.patch from my Finnish Garmin map? It seems to me that a change to mkgmap is needed in order to properly name boundaries, by copying the names from all the boundary relations that a line belongs to.



I’ve just checked the Computerteddy map and it’s nearly the same there. “Kölner Weg” and “Hammer Eisenbahnbrücke” are in the river Rhine, but it only becomes visible upon positioning the Cursor.

I don’t know – I’ve just used downloaded img-files.

Ahh, I see. But these names should come from the tags of the relations and not from the tags of members of the relation.
Here we have a railway bridge over the river rhine and half of the bridge and the river are members of the same administrative boundary. And now the administrative boundary in the river shows up with the name of the bridge. The other error I’ve mentioned is the same, except that the role of the railway bridge is played by a small way leading to the shore of the river.

As it’s the same with Computerteddy’s map, I presume that there is an error just in the part of mkgmap where your patch is located.

Yes, that is exactly what my patch tries to achieve. It includes a small modification to the mkgmap style engine, so that the tags from multiple relations can be copied on a single line. Without the patch, most borders in Finland would get the default “state border” tooltip on the Garmin. With the patch, the border lines will get all the names of the relations, separated by “/”, in an arbitrary order, for instance something like “Lübeck/Ratzeburg/Schleswig-Holstein/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” (and maybe some suburb/village (Stadtteil/Siedlung) names).

I believe so. The reason why I became interested in this border thing is that I recently became the maintainer of the default style and dug up some old emails where someone suggested changes to the handling of border names. One of the suggested changes was the use of tags like left:city/right:city for naming. I asked in the Finnish forum why few boundaries are carrying these tags. A senior mapper (alv) pointed out that the relation names are the appropriate solution. I agree with him, it is better for localization too. You can tell mkgmap which name tags to prefer, but it would be impractical to specify a list of tags such as left:province:de, left:city:de, left:suburban:de.

The only reason why I haven’t committed the patch to mkgmap yet is that it touches the style engine or the styling language.


A short update: The problem that my mkgmap.patch at tries to achieve has been acknowledged. Hopefully by the end of this year, I will implement nicer syntax for copying relation attributes to relation members.


Good news, I’m looking forward to it (even if I don’t believe, we should have all the names on every administrative border)


You are welcome, it is in mkgmap r1437 now. It turned out to be easier to implement than I thought. Inside apply{} blocks in the style/*/relations file, ${varname} will refer to relation attributes as before, but $(varname) will refer to the map element.